Big Splash Productions was founded under the simple premise that a well-produced event can create big results. Meetings and events can create a shift in perspective or motivation in audience members that lead to great connections and better business. Just like stones thrown into a pond, simple actions and messages can create ripples in your business, long after a meeting or event has concluded. Big Splash Productions has seen this happen time and time again with their clients, by using their sound approach to understanding what their clients are trying to achieve first and then creating an event or communication program that will achieve those goals. While it's great to make a Big Splash at a meeting, it's the tiny ripples that resonate after that program that continues to drive your business and your mission.

Big Splash Productions creates unforgettable, incomparable live events, from corporate shows and galas, to product launches and consumer marketing events that create a last impact, long after the attendees have gone home.

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